Well...welcome. Here's a short tale from our boss mama to give you a taste of what we're all about. I mean everyone loves an origin story..

Hello cats and dogs, 

Jenny here. Welcome to the poetic wave. You ready to ride? This is a place where dreams are made to be alive. Can you feel it in the way we do business...in the way we sell dreams? In the way we care for people and speak on it a lil mean? 

Here your dreams are safe. Your dreams are you. Oh how the world tricks you into getting confused. But we've realized with the help of some friends you can find your way back to you....AND have all your dreams come true. 

Poetic is a place for all. No matter how tall your walls fall. We cordially invite the outsiders, the outliers, the freaks, the geeks and everything in between. WHY? well why not. Afterall...the captain of this ship is all of those. Shhhh... ;)

matrix red pill maze

So naturally...This is a story of dark and light. A beautifully chaotic blend of both the utopia and dystopia world. It is the rabbit hole that lead me to finding me and my dreams again. You see...once upon a time this daydream of mine, was called Carolmine. A dream of creating a boutique with a mission to give it all away. To become 100% non-profit and spread love all over the world. It was a story about love. So naturally I intertwined my love story in the tale. 

But of course, how all poetic stories go...the girl gets her heart broken. And so...the daydream became a nightmare. Not to worry though. I wouldn't be the princess you all need if I didn't reveal my journey of putting the pieces together again. Part of that journey was changing the name of this daydream to something more...well poetic. My road to healing is riddled with a goldmine of secrets i'm willing to share...enter my maze if you dare.

I'll be delivering this sweet tale through curated collections and some poetic tunes of all kinds. Are you ready to ride the waves of my rhymes? So the only questions is blue pill or red? Blue pill you can carry on with your waves of life. Lost in the confusion of the adulting knife. Burying your dreams as if they were never there. Burying yourself because you're scared. Or...the red pill. Where you enter my wonderland maze. A yellow brick road trickled with gold nuggets all the way to your dreams. But be careful what you wish for. Once you take the red pill you become a dreamer too and get lost in the WONDERful tune.

Oh do I promise to take care of you on this journey. All of you. As we work closer to becoming more inclusive in our collections, I encourage you to intertwine your dreams with mine. Afterall, I am your newest and dearest friend. I would love to see how we can all work together to make our dreams blend.  

So welcome to your new home. The key to get in you ask? Listening to our riddle. Chaos is our home. Music is our light...and we are here for the big fight. We are a clothing line with the REVOLUTION in mind. A lifelong quest to find the others. The lost boys and girls who refuse to leave neverland and dream of a world brand new. 

Now...with out further ado. Will you accept this rose and ride this wave with me?

*swallows red pill with a devilissshh smile*


Jenny O.