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Jenny here and I'm not going to lie, this is a hard one. It is no question that Carolmine is all about spreading love all over the world. Sometime's all it takes is dancing it out for a cause. Other times it's by shedding light on the darkness. Today's darkness happens to be the worst of them all. It also happens to be one of the main causes Carolmine is set on making an impact on. It's been quite the journey of unraveling to get to a place where I feel comfortable enough to share Carolmine's deep mission to set children free. Free from the worst horror of them all. Child sex trafficking. I'm not quite ready to share intimate details of why this matters so much to me. But as you can imagine, the story won't be so sweet. I promise my journey leads to expressing myself fully. But today I want to focus on the magic that could happen when working together against a common enemy. I want to focus on the people who have created hope. The people who not only shed light on the darkness but have set thousands of children free and on the road to recovery! Overall, this blog post is an invitation to unapologetically dream for the children!

Operation Underground Railroad is a non-profit with an incredible story of a man who quit his government official job to take on a new approach to saving children from this modern day slavery. An approach that consists of privatizing the rescue of children and working in collaboration with government and after-care partners to form a new model for liberation. This approach has allowed them to save more children at a time and bypass certain laws that restricted US officials to intervene in other countries.

In sharing this story I would like to acknowledge that although we are in some trying times, there was a time in history where we were EVEN MORE divisive and hateful towards each other. The overall mission that inspired Operation Underground Railroad was a group of people from all parties and all races who chose to drop their prejudices and came together over a single cause. The cause of emancipating slaves and to bring freedom to all. People like Harriet Tubman, Johnathan Walker, Harriet Jacobs, Frederick Douglass, & Levi Coffin to name a few joined forces to create an Underground Railroad where the enslaved could escape to free states as well as Canada.

Inspired by the heroes of our past, Operation Underground Railroad shares the same mission of joining forces and fighting for liberation TOGETHER! The fact that human sex trafficking makes 3x more a year than the NFL makes and people still don't talk about it is unsettling. The fact that the media covers little to none on this subject and how intertwined it is with political officials, celebrities, corporations, and people in power overall is telling in itself. As far as I see it, 2020 made it clear, that the people are the news now. We are in a transition (a revolution if you will) of the people gaining back control and being in power! So today I ask for you to ride this wave with me. Ride for the children and GET LOUD! Ride for liberation and freedom for all! Share this message and do the most. Buy a kids mask which 100% of the proceeds will be going to Operation Underground Railroad. If you're able to donate more please consider donating via our fundraiser link below. We have a goal of raising $2222 for the cause! Overall thank you for holding the vision for a world brand new. Let us continue to unapologetically dream until dawn!



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Written by Jenny Ochoa



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