Revolution - Sorry For The Inconvenience We Are Trying To Change The World

Hey Dreamers,

Jenny here. It's been a while and it's been quite the year. It’s not a secret that this year has had some hurricane level waves all over the world 🌊 And these waves f*ckn hurt. 

** Things that are done in the dark are coming to light. 

** People all over the world are being forced into the unknown. 

** We are all taking in information at rapid speeds. 

** All while our brothers and sisters cry that they can’t breathe 🤎 

A revolution they say. One that you can’t just wipe away. Except what if this story is more than just about our black Kings and Queens. But about how we all finally unplug from this god damn machine and come clean. That we are responsible for not freeing our black Kings and Queens because of how much we love this god damn machine. Oh how we believe what they say, that things will always stay this way. So we get our degrees and level up in the very system that won’t let our friends free!! ✊🏿🗣 Well we’re through!! And to be clear, not from getting a degree or two, but from letting this machine tell us what to do. 

The machine says we can’t figure this out and work together. So the media sings her tune and applies some pressure. And boom there goes the divide pushing us further from what we feel inside. That WE are responsible for not letting our friends free. Because of how much we love this GOD DAMN MACHINE!

Well I say it’s time to unplug. And they were wrong to say we wouldn’t find a way, to work together to live in harmony. Like how it’s suppose to be. Like how it is in our dreams. They say this is the biggest civil rights movement of them all. We say we haven’t even started. And Gods got the ball 🏀☝🏽🙏🏽

Something about times like these always sends me down a long spiral rhyme. Like the child in me comes back. Connecting to the long hours, writing track after track. Writing for who? I don't know. But one thing is fasho....Something about a rhyme gets people in line. This rhyme reads like a story. One about you and I. And I hope you relate to the twists and turns and the deep deep burns. Oh how I wish there was another way to unplug. A lighter way of being able to get through this mud. But the only way is to be real.

And the truth is, this is how I feel. I talked a big game about the change I would create in the world. 22 year old me, stood in front of a room full of 200 bodies, sharing my dreams. How I would change the game in fashion and not make it about me. But about transforming things and setting people free. I would include everyone! Every skin color, every shape, every size. All proceeds would go towards all the souls who cry. Cry out for change and freedom.

Why? Because we hear them!! Don't you? Or do you walk past not wanting to look too? I know it's difficult to open your eyes. 2020 was the year that woke us all up to the cries. Woke me up to all my lies. Oh how I said I wouldn't make it about me. And yet.... that is all you see. Words were no longer enough for the story of Carolmine. To be honest, it was only a matter of time. It no longer was about a future version of me that would be strong enough to set these souls free. Time had run out.

So down I went. Into the deep deep parts of my heart. Break after break after break. Letting the stories fill my soul. Getting glimpses of an old life. Intertwined with all stories buried in that deep black hole. The black hole of all the sounds and all the cries of the souls who know the truth. That although we are ONE, like the sun and the moon. Our systems and our world don't believe it to be true. Oh how the ones at the top, the tippy tippy top. Understand that breaking the soul and mind through fear, will give them access to steer. Steer our souls away from the light. But oh do they fright. Because they know the day is near. That there will no longer be fear. They know together we could fight. That TOGETHER WE COULD BRING LIGHT. 

So here I wait and whisper to the sweet sweet souls that can hear my tune. That I broke free and I'm coming for you. You will see that it no longer will be about me. I've cracked and no longer care to hide beneath the sea. Instead I fly. And share about the sweet lies that led to my demise. Don't you see, my wings broke through. And you can do it too. God has blessed me with test after test after test in building of life of my design. Multiple streams of income all intertwined with the passions buried in my mind. I woke up one day and realized there was plenty enough for me to play. Play inside the dreams of my mind. Of a world where all our dreams could intertwine. I no longer needed to be in fear. That I didn't have enough or that this wasn't my year! Instead I needed to steer. Lead by example and share a new way. Preach, sing, & dance all in the name of this NEW WAVE!! A wave that any soul can catch. A wave that tramples all the old systems and all the old ways. A wave so true that it hurts. Hurts that we waited so long to catch on. But here we are. And tomorrow we ride at dawn!

So wax up your boards and catch this new wave because we are here to stay! Shouting from the rooftops to sing our sweet tune! Until we finally hear of a world brand new. We'll continue to share and bring awareness to allllll the causes. Month after month giving it all away with no pauses. Until the day we can say, we gave it all away. Cheers to this gnarly NEW WAVE. I can't believe we're here. Just wow. Weekend #2 of donating to @blackvisionscollective and @womenofsocal !!!

So much to say and not enough time. But this is not the end of our rhyme. Keep listening for our sweet tune. Until then, love you like the sun and the moon. 


Jenny O. 

Revolution Based Boutique - Non-Profit To Revolt





Written by Jenny Ochoa



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