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Isn’t it pretty?
For our last pop up shop, we had a small fruit bar. An arrangement of various fruits cut and laid out on a tray. It was super easy, fun, healthy and budget friendly to make. We got so many compliments from our guest, that we decided to share with you the recipe.
This fruit platter is perfect to make for a party or an event, we guarantee all your guest will love this delicious healthy snack. The best part about eating fresh fruit is not having any guilt afterwards, but we must warn you, you might have a little regret messing up the display. At least we did! We felt it was, “too pretty to eat” but hey once we started we couldn’t stop.
So there’s obviously a variety of different fruits you can choose from to make a fresh fruit platter, we went with our favorites (but you’re more than welcome to use whatever fruit you like best). So this is what ours included:
• 1 seedless watermelon • 1 dragon fruit
• 5 kiwis
• 3 oranges
• 2 mangoes
• 1 container of blueberries • 1 container of strawberries

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After purchasing your fresh fruit make sure you wash it and pat dry it before cutting it.
We cut some of the same fruit in different ways to make the presentation look pretty. Like for example the oranges; some we cut in thin slices, others we cut into triangles, and for some just cut them in halves. Other fruits we used the same cutting techniques were the watermelon, strawberries, and dragon fruit.
After cutting all your fruit, arranging your fruit for presentation is important. We used a long plate, a round cake stand and a cutting board (again feel free to use whatever type of platter) to lay out our fresh cut fruit. Just begin arranging the fruit to the plate, and once you’re done don’t forget to stick a few toothpicks so people can just grab and go!

fruit arrangement

Written by Jenny & Yesica

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