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Hello Curvy!!

It's finally here!! Honestly I've had soooo many emotions! I can't even keep up with myself! I've screamed of pure joy while sliding back and forth my hallway in my favorite fuzzy socks. I've cried out of disbelief, of something that has been in my brain for so long is actually real life. You see, Carolmine started with a dream. A dream of a place where people could shop for clothes fully knowing all proceeds went to organizations and causes people care about. A dream of creating a place where the wildest of dreams come true. A dream of a clothing line for ALL women, of all shapes and sizes. A dream of a clothing line with the sole purpose of giving it all away and spreading love all over the world!  

I talked a big game when I first began to tell people about my big dream. The reality is I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on and what it really took to create something from my wildest dreams. I won’t lie, there were many moments I got lost in the hustle and bustle of what it is to be a business owner.  Before Covid, my big plan was to launch a Coachella line. How fu*cking BASIC can I be!!! LOL. If there is anything that this year’s obstacles and triumphs have taught me, it’s remembering who I really am and why I started this in the first place. Reconnecting to my absolute dream and aspirations for Carolmine was like experiencing two electric bolts flowing through my body back to back. One for the realignment (which might I say was excruciatingly painful). The other for electrifying productivity towards the dream. (Somewhat uncomfortable but the first one got me ready if you know what I mean. lol.)

I can really thank Brittany Kingpleas for that. Our partnership started when Carolmine's journey first began but it really took off this year after a new mission unfolded. The mission to give it all away NOW. I originally imagined not being able to pull this off until I was 35 or older. But the times caused me to really reflect on why this was all created in the first place. My survival mindset had blocked me long enough. I couldn't even fathom being financially or structurally ready for something like this but the pain I was experiencing after the George Floyd shooting just made me not care if I was ready or not. My mentality was that this IS why Carolmine was created and... I'm good. Like I'm fed. I legit gained weight over covid. So like FED! Ya girl will be fine. I'll figure it out. This is the way. 

So I embarked on a journey of figuring out who would be an amazing local partner to conquer this mission with. Brittany was basically the star of my mind for 3 days and I couldn't shake her. Something about her stand for women and lifting their voices through Women Of Socal had me at...well her. Something about her courage and thriving energy for life. Something about her, had me say, "Here this is what I want to do and are you in?" Not only was she IN but she quite literally transformed and recalibrated my mind in the mere process of being in her presence. I was already going through a transformation through the pain and guilt of knowing I could have done more. But she was the bow tie to the present that was about to be placed on my heart. She suggested a reintroduction of Carolmine on her page which lead me down a path of well....remembering.

The process took me an embarrassingly long time because I didn't realize how deep I buried my true dreams. I had glimpses of telling my coworkers at my first big girl job and all my curvy girls squealing with joy. I had glimpses of telling my colleagues drunk at a bar. I had glimpses of telling my lover at 21 and him telling me I should do it. I had glimpses of being told no. That this wasn't a good idea and retail is dead. I had glimpses of having a partner and then not. I had glimpses of tucking away the dream for another time when I was brave enough. I had glimpses of finally telling everyone Carolmine's dream of giving it all away and the baby steps we would take to get there. I couldn't even fathom completing the process with Brittany without first recommitting myself with my original dream. A clothing line for ALL with sole purpose of giving it all away.

Basically a clothing line with the revolution in mind! We say revolution because it IS revolutionary to spread love all over the world through your passions. The world is ready for the kind of love that we're talking about but it doesn't seem to have enough of it. What I mean by that is inclusivity of different people. Different minds and different souls. Different bodies and different journeys. Basically different stories. I always we say we all have a story to tell and I for one am bothered that only one type of story seems to be playing over and over. That we can't love what is different. We can't include what is different. 

We want EVERYONE to be a part of this dream. So that means all women of all shapes and sizes. Every color, every age, every single body type. We have a long way to go to be able to realize this dream and we are so happy to announce the beginning of this crusade by launching our first Curvy Line. Inspired by the partnership of the amazing Brittany Kingpleas owner of Women Of Socal a small business with the purpose of lifting up the voices of women entrepreneurs and women with a dream. Basically our kind of people. This partnership not only sparked massive contribution and alignment to one another’s dreams, it also sparked the fulfillment of what Carolmine always said it would be. Everyone’s dream clothing line. Thank you for being a part of our journey of spreading love all over the world and giving it all away. We are here to stay and when I mean we, I mean all of us.




Written by Jenny Ochoa

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