Hello Dreamers,

Jenny here. Back with another diary series blog to give you some insight on how this poetic wave came to be. You see...it's quite the story and I for one believe the magic lies in the details. Well that's what the Diary Series Blog is all about. To spill the tea on all my princess like dreams. So grab your favorite beverage and join me on page 1 of this poetic tale. 

Poetic Colletion

It all started with a trip down memory lane in the hometown city of my dreams. The city of Long Beach. When I say trip I literally mean it. I had just popped a few baby mushrooms on the way to Cowboy Country. One of my fav country bars in the LBC. I honestly didn't think I would make it out that night after spending all day winery hopping in Temecula. But you see...I had just put on my cowboy boots for the first time in a year so something was definitely in the air. Plus if you knew my best friend you'd know how enticing she can be. 

This best friend I speak of has been riding waves with me for 10 years now. Quite frankly, no one does it like her. All that fire and light within her has given me the courage to continuously chase my dreams. Plus having another wild mermaid down to ride these waves with me is all i've ever wanted. Her name? Baylee. Baylee the mermaid. Who I call...my wife. 

Why? Well that's a Iong story for another time but basically it's because I love her that much. Worst comes to worst i'm taking that bitch to Peru and marrying her for the tax breaks. We've always sort of joked that no one is as committed to seeing our dreams come true as we are for each other. Kinda like how a real partnership should be. 

Wife life baylee the mermaid and Jenny O

So anyway, there I am, line dancing my little heart away and shooting cactus cooler shooters with some of my favorite people in the world. My roomie, my wife and my wife's man lol. He is who I like to call the burly man because if you saw him, you would see how intimidating he looks. But if you knew him, you would know he is as comical as the word burly sounds. Fast forward, 4 cactus cooler shooters later, me and the burly man were getting into what looked like a heated argument about...THE ZOO. Oh are you new here? Well that is what I like to call the single world. Because it's a zoo out here in these streets! Some animals play nice while others...well you get the picture.

Now it wasn't actually a heated argument. It only looked that way from the outside looking in because he is such a burly man and we are both passionate people with sailor mouths. Oops! Even though many people tried to intervene with our joker ways, I couldn't stop until I got the punch line of how men like to play in the zoo. The insight was well worth it. I left with some great additions to my lil tool belt. I thought the rabbit hole would end there but it was only the beginning. After we left the bar the shroom trip really began..

zoo keeper blues

I spent hours in conversation of healing with my wife and the burly man. Conversations I wasn't ready to have until then. Maybe it was the boots, the shrooms, or because humor inside of tough conversations is my love language. Plus no one quite does it like the burly man. I needed a bark behind the humor and he was the perfect dog to deliver it. I will never forget that night and how my wife delivered the best present I have ever received. My heart back. 

I always had a feeling it was going to be her to wake me up. I just never thought it would be as cliche as a shroom trip down country lane. The night ended with me singing and freestyling for hours on end. Never have I ever had such a breakthrough in being able to write music. Probably because I was no longer afraid to tell the truth about my heart burning alive as I was learning to fly. So I sang and rapped about just that. A riddle filled tale that I ended up calling Riddle Town. 8 chapters of how the Poetic wave came to be. All in the hometown city of my dreams. The LBC.

Nothing makes me move mountains like music does. I started shaping my whole business around it before the heartbreak. I was afraid to go back in again but now that I have, my wildfire heart has taken a life of it's own. So a 40 day rebrand quest began. A new wave. The poetic wave. Obviously there are many tales that are intertwined with the creation of this collection and rebrand. Yes of course that means some tales about how men play in the zoo. But I figured I would start off with the women. After all, what if I like them better than men anyway. ;) Plus women have always been my inspiration and motivation behind the shop. So i'll be sticking to my roots and spilling the tea on all the women who inspired little ole me, in finally chasing her dreams...AGAIN. 

You ready to ride this wave with me? 

Well buckle up buddy, it's about to be a wavy ride. 


Jenny O. 

Written by Jenny Ochoa

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