Jewelry is not only pretty to look at and fun to wear, but it’s one of those accessory pieces that can accentuate any outfit. From earrings, rings, necklaces, to bracelets it can make any outfit pop if styled properly. Here are a few current jewelry trends from Kaukab Jewelry that we are crazy about and love to style with Carolmine outfits.

Dainty jewelry
Our current obsession is dainty jewelry; it’s simple, cute and classy. A thin chain necklace or bracelet can make such a statement on the neck line or wrist and make any outfit stand out. There’s so many styles of dainty chains to choose from. Beginning with the variety of lengths, such as long chains, mid chains to short chains (chockers). There’s also simple plain dainty (meaning the chain alone) to chains with more textures or charms added to them such as pearls and stones. All are so beautiful and stylish it’s just a personal preference of which one you like best with the outfit that you are wearing. Here’s an example of how we styled Kaukab Jewelry with Carolmine. On the left we styled the Sarah top with the Electrifie Quartz Necklace and on the right the Candace bodysuit with the Druzzy necklace.

What we love more than just dainty jewelry is dainty jewelry stacked! Meaning chains on chain on chains. You can’t decide which necklace to wear? No problem wear them all! In this current trend it’s totally acceptable to style multiple necklaces together, just don’t get carried away, usually about two or three necklaces max, anything more can be a tad cheesy. Another great tip is to make sure each chain is of a different length, so you can actually see each chain around your chest area and admire their individual beauty. Below is a great example of this, model is wearing our Evie top with the Luna Necklace and Rosary With Crystal Neclace. Bracelets on the other hand have the opposite rules; you can wear a variety on both arms and the chains can be of the same size.

And one of the last trends we love, not only because it’s one of our favorite colors or because it can be worth lots of money, we are just completely obsessed with GOLD. Don’t get us wrong silver can be nice too, but something about gold jewelry we are crazy about. The way it shines as the golden sun rays hit it or how great it looks again any skin type. Gold jewelry is a current trend we aren’t mad about, so golden us up baby! Gold earring, with gold chain necklaces, and gold bracelets to gold rings. Above featured is the Shooting Star Necklace and Cresent Moon Necklace with our Sarah top. Below featured is the Ella neclace and Ella earrings paired with our Evie top.

Written by Jenny & Yesica

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